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Markets Served

Morris Group International’s divisions and partnerships serve a variety of markets in the non-residential construction industry. The products our companies manufacture are specifically designed for this purpose, with quality and durability at the forefront throughout the design and manufacturing process. With a variety of options, a selection of materials and finishes, and the underlying quality that our divisions and partnerships emphasize, products can satisfy requirements in any non-residential construction market. Find out more about the market segments we serve below.



Commercial buildings are non-residential structures that house establishments such as retail stores, office buildings, sports facilities, industrial facilities, and warehouses. Morris Group International’s divisions and partnerships can supply a wide variety of products for commercial applications, all tailored to the specific usage of the facility. These products offer the durability needed for commercial facilities without the institutional look common among commercial fixtures. Our companies offer products with a variety of colors, finishes and customizations that will fit the décor of your facility and last for years to come.



Institutional facilities are looking for products that will stand up to the harsh daily punishments to which they are frequently exposed. The divisions and partnerships of Morris Group International have products that can help. From the vandal-resistant line of plumbing fixtures for prisons from Acorn Engineering Company to Murdock Manufacturing’s line of indoor and outdoor drinking fountains for schools, MGI companies have products that fit the entire spectrum of institutional applications.



Government buildings include any facility where government business takes place, including courthouses, capitol buildings, town and city halls, and post offices. Morris Group International companies provide a variety of construction products for inclusion in government buildings. Our products’ superior durability and clean, simple aesthetic means they will retain their function and value long-term, eliminating or drastically reducing replacement costs.



The hospitality market includes hotels and restaurants. Establishments in this market are looking for a way to enhance their advantage over the competition—creating the proper atmosphere is a critical element of setting an establishment apart from others like it. Products from Morris Group International companies are a smart choice for hospitality markets because of the variety of available colors and finishes. Some materials can be color matched for a custom look. In addition, Morris Group uses materials that stand up to heavy use, meaning your investment will last longer.



Hospitals, clinics, and medical offices need to be outfitted with traditional plumbing products as well as plumbing products manufactured specifically for medical environments, such as scrub sinks, ligature-resistant plumbing fixtures, and patient care units that combine sink, toilet and cabinet for bedside care. Morris Group International’s divisions and partnerships can provide these products and others that provide solutions for some common problems faced by healthcare providers today, such as reducing the spread of infection and keeping patients safer.