15 Minute Install

10 steps to installing your Chronomite Water Heater
(estimated time: 15 minutes)

Proper installation and maintenance of your instantaneous water heater can optimize its energy efficiency and lifespan.

15 minute install
  1. Before beginning, turn off the breaker and disconnect the electrical supply to the area. Shut off water supply to the fixture. Double check that everything has been turned off prior to proceeding.
  2. Access electrical connections within by unscrewing and removing the front face plate on the Chronomite unit. Set aside screw in a safe place.
  3. Mount Chronomite unit in desired location using heavy-duty metal screws, making sure to pull existing electrical wires through supplied hole in the back of the heater unit. Each corner of the unit has a mounting bracket.
  4. Connect electrical supply wires to the electrical connections from the unit, making sure to tighten all connections securely.
  5. Close the front face-plate and screw securely closed.
  6. Connect the Cold Water supply line from the water source to the bottom Cold/Hot inlet compression fitting opening on the Chronomite unit. Chronomite Tankless Water Heaters require only one cold water intake, eliminating the need for excess lines.
  7. Connect the Hot Water supply line from the top Cold/Hot inlet compression fitting opening on the Chronomite unit to the sink.
  8. Reopen water supply line to the unit and turn on sink for 2 to 3 minutes to purge air from the lines (Note: water will not run at temperature until the breaker is turned back on in step #10).
  9. Screw your Flow Control Valve (supplied) onto your faucet/fixture head.
  10. Once purged, turn on your breaker and enjoy your new Chronomite Tankless Electric Water Heater at temperature.

If you experience any difficulties with your installation, please contact us for further assistance.