Instant-Flow® C-Micro Water Heater with 0.20 GPM Activation Flow Rate
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Instant-Flow® C-Micro Water Heater with 0.20 GPM Activation Flow Rate

Model Number:  CM Series
ADAUL ListedCalGreenETLFederal Public Law 111-380 (No Lead)UPCLEED v4

Chronomite CM Series Instant-Flow® C-Micro Low Activation models are manufactured to provide reliable electric point-of-use hot water. The heater activates at an ultra low flow rate of 0.20 Gallons (0.75 Liters) per minute.

  • Housing is fabricated from rugged cast aluminum
  • Element assembly is fabricated from Celcon plastic.
  • Heating coils are nichrome
  • Faucet flow controls are supplied with each unit. 3/8” compression fittings are supplied (standard)
  • Minimum Operating/Activation Flow Rate: 0.20 Gallons (0.75 liters) per Minute
  • Wattage: 1.44 to 5.54 Kilowatt Range (depending on model)
Product Function:
  • Ideal applications include: commercial, industrial, residential, public lavatories, kitchen/bar sink
  • Ideal for sensor/hands-free faucets with the 104°F (40°C) factory preset setting; no mixing valve needed
  • Works on low flow application
  • Unlimited hot water
  • Saves water and energy - 99% energy efficient
  • Meets CAL GREEN low flow requirements
  • Meets LEED v4 low flow requirements (lower than 0.4 gallons or 1.5 liter per minute)
  • Meets applicable building codes including ADA, UL, UPC and IAPMO, ETL
  • Environmentally friendly

Regularly Furnished:
  • Uses a digital microprocessor for temperature control 
    Ultra quick response times for temperature variations - 120 times per second. Microprocessor use is the most energy efficient means of heating water
  • Vandal resistant rugged cast aluminum housing (Standard)
  • Space saving compact size: 6.25 (H) x 9.625 (W) x 2.75 (D) inches (159 x 244 x 70 mm)
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Patent pending

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NameDescriptionFile Size
Submittal Low Activation, Instant-Flow C-Micro Water Heater (pdf)Instant-Flow® C-Micro Tankless, Point-of-Use Electric Water Heater [CM-12L/120, CM-12L/208,CM-12L/240, CM-12L/277, CM-15L/120, CM-15L/208, CM-15L/240, CM-15L/277, CM-20L/120, CM-20L/208, CM-20L/240, CM-20L/277] 1408 KBDownload
NameDescriptionFile Size
Manual CM Series Low Activation Water Heater (pdf)Low Activation CM Series Instant-Flow® C-Micro Tankless Point-of-Use Electric Water Heater - includes parts and accessories list1350 KBView


  • 2095-1 Disconnect Switch
  • Satin Finish Stainless Steel Housing (-SS)
  • High Polish Finish Stainless Steel (-SSP)
  • PA 765 ABS Plastic Housing (-P)
  • Pressure & Temp Relief Valve Assembly (-TP)
  • 1/2 inch Male NPT (-NPT08)
  • Preset Temperature 104°F (40°C)
  • Preset Temperature 110°F (43°C)
  • Preset Temperature 120°F (49°C)
  • Field Adjustable Temperature (-ADJ)

Activation flow rate: 0.20 Gallons Per Minute

ModelAmpsVoltage90° C WireWattsTemp Rise at 0.35 GPMTemp Rise at 0.50 GPMTemp Rise at 1.00 GPMTemp Rise at 1.5 GPMTemp Rise at 2.00 GPM
CM-12L/1201212014 AWG14402820---------
CM-12L/2081220814 AWG25004934---------
CM-12L/2401224014 AWG2880563920------
CM-12L/2771227714 AWG3320654523------
CM-15L/1201512014 AWG18003525---------
CM-15L/2081520814 AWG3120614321------
CM-15L/2401524014 AWG3600704925------
CM-15L/2771527714 AWG4150815728------
CM-20L/1202012012 AWG24004733---------
CM-20L/2082020812 AWG4160815728------
CM-20L/2402024012 AWG480090+663322---
CM-20L/2772027712 AWG554090+763825---
CM-30L/1203012010 AWG360070492516---
CM-30L/2083020810 AWG624090+85432821
CM-30L/2403024010 AWG720090+90+493325
CM-30L/2773027710 AWG831090+90+573828
CM-40L/208402088 AWG832090+90+573828
CM-40L/240402408 AWG960090+90+664433

Metric: Activation flow rate: 0.75 Liters Per Minute

ModelAmpsVoltage90° C WIREWATTSTemp Rise at 1.30 LPMTemp Rise at 2.00 LPMTemp Rise at 4.00 LPMTemp Rise at 6.0 LPMTemp Rise at 8.00 LPM
CM-12L/1201212014 AWG14401610---------
CM-12L/2081220814 AWG25002818---------
CM-12L/2401224014 AWG2880322110------
CM-12L/2771227714 AWG3320372412------
CM-15L/1201512014 AWG18002013---------
CM-15L/2081520814 AWG3120342211------
CM-15L/2401524014 AWG3600402613------
CM-15L/2771527714 AWG415046301510---
CM-20L/1202012012 AWG24002717---------
CM-20L/2082020812 AWG416046301510---
CM-20L/2402024012 AWG480050+341711---
CM-20L/2772027712 AWG554050+40201310
CM-30L/1203012010 AWG3600402613------
CM-30L/2083020810 AWG624050+45221511
CM-30L/2403024010 AWG720050+50+261713
CM-30L/2773027710 AWG831050+50+302015
CM-40L/208402088 AWG832050+50+302015
CM-40L/240402408 AWG960050+50+342317


  • Apartments
  • Bathroom
  • Commercial
  • Condos
  • Industrial
  • Kitchen/Bar Sink
  • Multiple Lavatories
  • Non-Public Lavatory
  • Public Lavatory
  • Residential
  • Scrub Sink

Data Sheets

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