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Cleaning-Caring for Whitehall Healthcare Products (pdf)Cleaning and Care Guide View
Instructions for Thermal-Pack - en EspañolInstrucciones de Uso para Thermal-Packs View
Instructions Thermal-Packs (pdf)How to Use Instructions for Thermal-Packs View
Manual Bottle Warmer (pdf)Electronic Bottle Warmer [EBW-1, EBW-2, EBW-4] View
Manual cleatPRO (pdf)Operation Manual for cleatPRO unit View
Manual cleatPRO Unit - Manual de Funcionamiento para cleatPRO Steamer, con Lista de Piezas de Reparación View
Manual Dickson Paraffin Baths (pdf)PB-101, PB-104, PB-105, PB-107 View
Manual Full Body Immersion Tanks (pdf)Full Body Immersion Tanks including Small Rectangular Tank (F-260-S); Small Hubbard Tank (F-270-S); Large Rectangular Tank (F-300-S); Large Hubbard Tank (F-425-S; parts breakdown shown View
Manual Full Body Immersion Tanks - en EspañolManual de Funcionamiento y Cuidado para Tanques de Inmersión Completa, con Lista de Piezas de Reparación View
Manual Glacier Freeze (pdf)Glacier Freeze Chilling Unit - Manual includes Parts Drawing View