Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters vs Tank

Benefits for Tankless Water Heaters


Unlimited hot water

Water heats in 2 seconds.




Compact size

Space saving at the point of use.


Better Engineering

Leading the way in research and design of tankless water heaters since 1966. 


Low Maintenance

A self-cleaning feature eliminates alkali and calcification buildup.


Made in the U.S.A.

Products ship quickly and travel minimal distance.


Safe, on-demand hot water

Eliminates the need for storage tanks that promote the growth of bacteria.



All Chronomite units are engineered with lead-free components that comply with AB1953.


Earn LEED Points

Our water and energy-saving units earn building points toward USGBC certification according to LEED standards.


Safe & Secure

A Chronomite tankless water heater eliminates the possibility for gas leaks, explosions, and tank corrosion that can cause flooding.


Preserving Our Resources

99% energy efficient, hot water delivered instantaneously means less water and energy use, and lower utility costs.



Models featuring a controlled output temperature deliver water without risk of scalding. Water is maintained at a consistent, anti-bacterial temperature for hand-washing.

Problem – Solution

Tankless water heater solutions for restaurants


The benefits of Chronomite tankless water heaters are valued in food service, health, and safety environments, as well as many others.

Tankless water heater solutions for schools


Instant, unlimited hot water is ideal for high-paced environments. Factory present or thermostatically-controlled models prevent scalding and minimize the spread of viruses and bacteria. Heaters are IAPMO certified to the same lead-free mandates as schools, ensuring the safest water possible for children.

Tankless water heater solutions for spas

Pool and Spa Showers

Instant hot water at unwavering temperature is pleasant for visitors. Because water is only heated on demand, unit is non-operational and energy-saving when not in use.

Tankless water heater solutions for salons

Beauty Salons and Pet Salons

Faucets in hair-washing stations can be preset for a consistent temperature that is pleasing for customers. Instant, on-demand performance cuts down on time wasted while waiting for water to heat up.

Tankless water heater solutions for mop cleaning areas

Mop Cleaning Areas

Instant hot water delivered conveniently in two seconds, at a temperature that is pre-set for proper cleaning

Tankless water heater solutions for emergency safety equipment

Emergency Safety Equipment

In times of chemical, fire or health risk, water is delivered instantly and at a safe temperature. Eye washes, drench showers, and hoses benefit from a preset temperature and a two-second delivery time. In addition, the element assembly of a Chronomite heater uses the flow-through abrasive action of water to create a self-cleaning feature that eliminates alkali and calcification buildup. As a result, units perform correctly the first time, every time.