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  • Access dozens of product specification submittals to determine appropriate features for individual engineering and architectural application projects.
  • Choose from an array of product options, valve styles and custom powder coatings to enhance each product to fit all architectural design necessities.

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  • Chronomite tankless electric water heaters conserve energy, save water, lower maintenance & operational costs and effectively maintain health & security standards.
  • Gas leaks are eliminated, and the flow through abrasive action of water creates a self-cleaning feature which reduces the risk of corrosion and flooding.
  • Our tankless water heaters do not require the storage of hot water in a tank, but instead provides hot water only on demand.


  • Download Chronomite application data sheets in order to fully realize the appropriate application settings for each and every Chronomite product.
  • Furnish your application with the correct Chronomite product based upon product size, function and price.
  • View various point of use water heater details ranging from breaker size, volts, preset temperatures and microprocessor models.


  • Retrieve an array of installation data sheets for use in installation and operation of Chronomite products and services.
  • Access flow control specifications and diagrams for assistance during installation and operation.
  • Installation data sheets include troubleshooting guides to help resolve problems with low voltage, freezing, shut-off valves and water supply.


  • Learn who we are, what we do best and why Chronomite manufactures the toughest quality point of use water heaters for the commercial and hospitality markets.
  • Discover why tankless water heaters are beginning to dominate the industry in favor of dated, low-flow hand washing systems.