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About Chronomite Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Chronomite Warehouse for Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Since 1966, Chronomite, Inc. has been the innovative leader in providing electric tankless water heaters for [public] hand washing basins; safety & emergency fixtures, such as emergency eyewash and eye/face wash stations, emergency drench showers, and whole house applications to heat water for a variety of uses. The name Chronomite was coined by its founder, Bob Russell, who based the name on a Chronometer, a precise watch that keeps correct time despite environmental changes. Bob Russell envisioned the creation of a company that provided that kind of reliability and from that core value, Chronomite, Inc. was born.

In 1992, Chronomite, Inc. patented the first microprocessor controlled electric tankless water heater providing unlimited hot water simultaneously to multiple lavatories with one heater. Utilizing state of the art technology, the microprocessor meets the users’ demands for superior performance with accurately determined preset output temperatures, while being efficient and affordable. Chronomite’s Microprocessor technology paved the way for solutions that are vital to today’s engineer.

The Evolution of Chronomite’s Tankless Electric Water Heater

Chronomite Production of Tankless Electric Water Heaters

In 1967, a major project addressing energy efficiency resulted in the invention of very small water heaters. The challenge: how could remote commercial and industrial locations have access to usable hot water for hand-washing? Chronomite tankless electric water heaters used electricity to create endless hot water as close to the point of use as possible. A conventional tank heater in these applications was expensive and often times hot water would become cold again by the time it arrived.

Chronomite’s first challenge was to heat the water right where it was needed and only when needed. Unlike conventional water heaters with storage tanks, Chronomite electric water heaters did not require costly valving and piping, and were faster to install—a benefit to contractors piping hot water to hard-to-reach areas. Chronomite’s energy efficient tankless water heater reduces installation costs and water waste at the same time.

In the ’60s, America’s water use was still high-flow and unrestricted—faucets could use as much as 3.0 gallons per minute as opposed to the low-flow 0.5 gpm used today. As Chronomite grew and increased its applications in the ’70s, engineering was already logically looking at reducing the amount of water used. As part of the Chronomite equation, distance travelled and delivery time are minimized. But even then, Chronomite maintained that flow rate was important in the efficiency equation, too. The flow rate could be reduced, heating water precisely without sacrificing pressure.

Chronomite Production electric instantaneous water heaters

Taking a cue from European plumbing innovators, Chronomite implemented the Omni aerator alongside its electric instantaneous water heaters. Omni would reduce the amount of water used and boost Chronomite’s heat efficiency, making it an eco-friendly product even before the metering faucet or low-flow faucet became popular.

Nevertheless, waiting for hot water is still one of the largest wastes of water. Recognizing this, Chronomite set out in the late ’90s to manufacture the same convenient and eco-friendly product using a more affordable technology. Chronomite was the first to patent a microprocessor technology that is 99 percent energy efficient and delivers instant, unlimited hot water. This technology also protects against scalding by moderating energy and controls output temperature, so water is delivered at a consistent, pre-set temperature.

2016 marks Chronomite, Inc.’s 50th year in business. Alongside our line of classic tankless electric water heaters, Chronomite continues to innovate to serve market needs with Large Capacity/High Flow tankless electric water heaters to serve applications such as emergency drench showers and combination units that include drench shower and eye/face wash station, multiple handwashing stations, and whole house water heating needs.

Today, Chronomite has evolved from a simple problem-solution scenario into a sustainable, safe, and efficient product for supplying hot water to the most challenging of locations.