Fire Rated Ceiling Access Doors
Fire Rated Ceiling Access DoorsFire Rated Ceiling Access DoorsFire Rated Ceiling Access Doors
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Fire Rated Ceiling Access Doors

Model Number:  FRC Series
Access door frame shall be fabricated from 16 gage galvannealed steel with a prime coat finish and provided with masonry anchors and bolt holes. Access door panel shall be fabricated from 20 gage, galvannealed steel with a prime coat finish. Door shall be filled with 2 inch thick, fire rated insulation, and be welded pan type. Access door shall have spring automatic closer, be self-latching and contain interior latch release. Exterior latching shall be recessed and universal self-latching bolt, operated by either a knurled knob or flush key. Finish shall be a prime coat suitable for painting.
Product Function:
FRC Series access doors are rated by Underwriters Laboratories for 1-1/2 hours, "B" label in walls, Warnock Hersey for 3 hours in ceilings and 2 hours in walls, CAN/ULC S104 for 2 hours in walls. The FRC Series Doors should be utilized when providing access in fire rated walls and ceilings. FRC Series Doors have heavy-duty spring closures to ensure positive latching when panel closes. An interior latch release is also included on all doors to enable unlocking from inside.
Product Details
  • Brand:  Elmdor
  • Mount:  Ceiling Mount
  • Material:  Galvannealed Steel , Stainless Steel (Option -SS) , Galvanized Drywall Bead (Option -GB)
  • Latching System:  Knurl Knob , Flush Key , Internal Latch Release , Mortise Cylinder Lock (Option -MLP)
  • Additional Benefits:  Contains Recycled Material , Recyclable
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